I believe that what is crucial to an individuals personal improvement in therapy, is to have an open and honest connection with your therapist or counsellor. My approach, to achieve this, is through empathy, by creating an open, warm and trustful relationship with my clients. As clients you are possibly dealing with issues that are highly sensitive and emotional,  my aim is to always provide an environment where you feel safe, and able to explore your personal life stories.  



Counselling can help with a variety of different issues and events that you are experiencing or have experienced. You may have already tried to talk with family or friends and are still struggling to manage challenges. By coming to counselling and talking with an impartial individual who is not known to you, the aim would be that counselling could provide help in understanding your situation better, and aid you in navigating a path towards your own targets, goals and resolutions in a safe and confidential environment.

“Be the reason someone smiles today.”


- Roy T. Bennett -

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